Politics Reborn was founded by volunteers who came together while supporting Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign.

Donnie _ Joann headshot

Donnie and JoAnn Whitehead

Donnie and JoAnn are two of the most experienced community organizers in southeast Queens. Their home in St. Albans, Queens, was used as a staging location for the Bernie 2016 Presidential Campaign. The Whiteheads were credited by the New York Times for helping Barack Obama win a majority in New York’s fifth congressional district in the 2008 Democratic Presidential Primary against Hillary Clinton.

Nina 1532104_10152353675900862_3802526192016786268_n (1)

Nina Sherwood is a community organizer and activist who has organized a fierce group in her hometown of Stamford, plus made connections across the state and the country. She is very passionate about environmental and animal rights.


Katherine Hawkland took a break from academia to organize for Bernie Sanders, and has been a campaign junkie ever since. Her heart is in the ground game, working with progressive candidates from Long Island to Connecticut. She brings years of experience in research and teaching to our team.

Albert Fernandez 12401995_10154469025200744_4899039318829083384_o

Albert Fernandez is a California native, former Bernie Sanders’ delegate, and former White House intern, Albert attended NYU where he studied Film/Television and had the honor of his thesis playing at the 67th Cannes Film Festival. He is an activist looking to inspire others to get involved.

Michael headshot

Michael Blecher

Michael worked as a research assistant in several Psychology Research Labs before becoming a political organizer and activist. He canvassed in six states on behalf of the Bernie Sanders 2016 Presidential Campaign. He has written in OpEdNews and his work for the campaign has been covered in The Village Voice and Newsday.

Max headshot

Max Kurant

Max was one of the top youth organizers with the Bernie Sanders campaign in Queens. He committed countless hours to flyering, petitioning, and canvassing. Max also served as the Deputy Director of High School Outreach in the State of New York with the Sanders’ campaign.