Who We Are

Politics Reborn is a post-partisan, membership organization that engages individuals as leaders in their communities, and provides access to their own power in the political process.


Our Vision

We envision a world that is empathetic, compassionate, equal, just, and fully intersectional where every individual is engaged and empowered in their communities and institutions.

Program Pillars

We achieve this by:

1. EMPOWERING communities to elect and select their own candidates.

2. SUPPORTING grassroots organizations with tools, mentoring, and information to build their capacity and power.

3. EXPANDING civic engagement through inspiration.

4. CREATING an open-source progressive bank of legislation.

Version 5

Our Successes

We proudly helped 9 first-time candidates, running on the Reform Stamford banner, win seats on the Stamford Board of Reps which caused a shake-up to the establishment in Connecticut. Their presence has already been felt, from passing a plastic bag ban to pressuring more elected officials throughout the state to support a ban on fracking waste. In New York, Politics Reborn has cultivated and empowered community organizers to run competitive District Leader races, fight the unfair property tax and challenge the corruption that exists at the Board of Elections. We have also helped grassroots activists in multiple states obtain seats on their local party committees.