The Plan

We want government to be of the people, by the people and for the people. How do we make this vision a reality though?  By focusing on the issues that affect people in their respective communities, and building relationship in various communities, where more ordinary Americans are politically engaged.


Inform Citizens About:

  • Those who currently hold the reins of power in a community; those who really call the shots
  • The process to get elected to various local office and party positions
  • Successful fundraising methods
  • Organizational techniques
  • Methods to recruit people to become actively involved


  • Fundraise for community organizer activities,canvassing efforts, meeting space, printing materials, feeding volunteers, etc.
  • Provide a central staff base that can disseminate information and support organizing efforts.
  • Advertise locally in order to win over the hearts and minds of community members.


  • When needed, litigate on behalf of the community or individuals within said community in order to ensure information regarding the democratic process is transparent and that participation is inclusive to all citizens.

Hold Elected Officials Accountable

  • We will organize protests, petition, and disseminate accurate information regarding the actions and records of elected official while they are in office.
  • Organize and coordinate local news media to ensure more holistic reporting on political issues that impact their local communities.
  • Reshape the local parties so they reflect the current community and look to their voters rather than financial interests or incumbent politicians for guidance.

Impact the Big 5

  1. Political Party Machine: by encouraging citizen participation in the political parties
  2. Societal Attitudes and Human Interaction: by cultivating progressive community leaders and organizers who will canvass regularly and increase political participation.
  3. The Donor Class: by increasing awareness of the names of the big donors that we feel have corrupted the political and economic system through protests, petitions and boycott while having our own organization mostly rely on small donations.
  4. The Media: by encouraging and organizing a media that largely focuses on issues that affect ordinary Americans.
  5. The Legal System: by affecting the other 4, we feel we will develop a legal system where political parties and actors do not influence judges, district attorneys and public defenders.