We Give Thanks To

We Give Thanks To

January Volunteers:


Joanna & Lon Blais - who developed a wonderful Trivia Game we tested out and Irene Tsonatos & Nery Ramos for baking wonderful treats for our Game Night / Bake Sale Fundraiser! It was a fabulous test run for future events.


We would like to give thanks and props to Michaela Potter of http://wanderlustproductions.com/ who donated her expertise and time to design our printed brochure! We handed these out at the Women's Marches in NYC & D.C. and are continuing to hand them out in order to support organizers and recruit volunteers.


Gennady Yusim for research, requiring patience, fortitude, and perseverance in getting information on who sits on the Queens Democratic Party County Committee and what the current by-laws for it are. This process partly done and continues.

Joanna Blais

Lon Blais

Irene Tsonatos

Nery Ramos

Michaela Potter

December Volunteer:


Ellen Gottlieb who was instrumental in helping to organize a Day of Action in Florida for Our Revolution and is in the process of giving Politics Reborn a presence in Tampa, FL.

November Volunteer:


Max Kurant who after months of door to door, phone, and street canvassing managed to get a Politics Reborn Club chartered at his High School - no small feat considering school and Department of Education regulations, plus just how busy the students at Towsend Harris High School are.


Taylor Madelbaum for the phenomenal creation of our Politics Reborn logo. He managed to take a slew of ideas in word form and create something easily identifiable, strong, beautiful, and down right artistic! Contact him regarding design at facebook.com/praekadesigns!

Max Kurant

Taylor Madelbaum

October Volunteers:


This month, we would like to thank Albert Fernandez who is setting up meetings for Politics Reborn in California, studying the process to get on the local party committees in his area and is doing all he can to organize an effective local ground game.

Albert Fernandez

September Volunteers:


This month, we have two activists we would like to honor. We profusely THANK:


Lawton Chan for the incredible work he has done and continues to do to enhance our website! Lawton has taken up the challenge to be our Digital Director and we are proud to have him on board.


Sheryl Fetik, whose tireless efforts as our Democratic Party Rules, Regulations, and Procedures expert has made it possible for us to throw certain establishment candidates off the ballot while assuring our own members overcame any ballot challenges.


We can not thank these two activists enough.

Lawton Chan

Sheryl Fetik

August Volunteers:


Our activist of the month goes to Shelly Thai who despite currently being in China, is doing incredible work for this organization in the other hemisphere! From data entry to translating our first flyers to Mandarin, Shelly Thai does all the behind the scenes stuff that makes Politics Reborn function and like most great activists, Shelly Thai cares more about making change occur than getting the recognition she deserves. So this month, we say thank you to Shelly Thai for being the activist others should aspire to be like!

Shelly Thai

July Volunteers:


Our activist of the month goes to Alice Christy, who at 82 years of age, endured the brutal weather of a hot July to collect more than the required number of signatures to be on the ballot for County Committee. Alice's endurance is a reminder that this is only the beginning of the movement Bernie has started!

Alice Christy